Technical Area - Screens

Screens are a very important part of the TableTap System. We can consider them as a tool to achieve the client actually interacts and fully enjoys all the fun TableTap has to offer.
The stats on screen, the personalized animation of your pub and the explanatory animation of the system to clear every doubt about what to do the first time someone seats in front of an TableTap tap.

Personalize your pub with an explanatory animation

The animation will welcome the people to your pub and explain what is TableTap, how is it used and its working. I won't just be essential for the correct use of the system, but will give your pub a touch of modernity and dynamism not every pub can show off.

Fun to the max

Promote the fun and interactivity with TableTap in your pub with the rankings on screen.

  • The most 'up for it'. 
    Shows the actual consumption inreal time of the tables.
  • The biggst beer drinkers.
    Registers the top 5 consumptions in your pub.
  • The quickest.
    This screen will show the 5 tables that had a higher consumption in the last hour.

And if you are not decided yet, keep reading the advantages and benefits this system will bring to your pub. And if you have any question don't hesitate to contact us. One of our technicians will clarify every doubt without compromise and if you wish, he will visit you to study your case and  fit your necessities.