Technical Area - Basics

A Tabletap pub has some basic elements for its operation. To these basics you can add some extras to personalize the system to fit the requirements of your business.

The most important is that you don't need to make big changes and adjustments to your place to implement Tabletap. You just need a bar with some characteristics. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us and one of our technicians will book a visit.

Equipo PC Táctil. Versiones 4, 8 y 12 mesas

  • High performance barebone computer
  • TFT 15" touch screen (brand leaders).

Pantalla TFT

  • High resolution*
  • 32 bits color quality, 16,7 million of colors
  • PC entry from 800x600 pixels
  • Remote Control
  • High contrast radio
  • Zoom mode
  • High performance in reply times
  • TV sintonizer
  • Teletext

Control Board

  • Control board
  • Protection board
  • Distribution CO2 box
  • Video cabling and dialing
  • Easy Tabletap control application